Self-Care Aware!

After the the last incredibly stressful 18 months I think it’s sensible to remind people we need to bring self-care back on to our radars.

We remember to eat healthily, we remember to exercise, we remember to wear our masks and use our sanitiser, but are we remembering to actually look after ourselves on a whole basis?

Head over to the Self-Care Hub for some inspiration and ideas on why we need to remember to focus on this area of our wellbeing, as well as things we can do to bring self-care activities in to our lives.

In addition to this we have just placed in the shop our handmade soaps for you to buy, including the vegan Coconut Caress.  These wonderful skin-kind soaps have been created with sensitive skin in mind, containing no nasty chemicals that could cause irritation.

I have suffered with eczema for years and have struggled to find skincare products off the shelf that don’t contain additives that make my skin dry and sore. As anyone else who has tried this will know, it is extremely hard to find a mass-produced bathing product that doesn’t contain preservatives or ingredients that are not skin friendly.

The result of using these off-the-shelf products was that my skin was dryer than ever and that meant I needed to apply more creams and emollient treatments to my skin to compensate. The result of this? Dreaded acne outbreaks, which were just as painful, irritating and embarrassing as my eczema.

After experimenting over the years with product after product, I finally discovered goat’s milk soap when I read an article online. After around 3 months of use I found that the areas which are usually inflamed had begun to calm down, the skin on my face wasn’t as dry as it was before, and generally my skin was feeling less irritated.

I have observed that, alongside the traditional topical creams for eczema, the addition of goat’s milk soap to my routine has improved my eczema considerably, as well as minimising acne outbreaks. A win-win situation!

So, why goat’s milk? This wonderful, natural product has many skin-friendly properties that can help skin remain moisturised, supple and healthy.
• It is a gentle cleanser, meaning that dirt and grime can be removed from the skin without stripping the skin’s natural fats. It is so gentle it can be used on overly sensitive skin, or even children’s skin, though I would always check with your doctor before using it on your child.
• It contains lactic acid, a natural exfoliant, helping to remove dead skin cells whilst encouraging new cell growth. Lactic acid in goat’s milk also contains probiotics which, when applied topically, have been shown to improve skin condition and fight acne.
• The fats in goat’s milk act as natural emollients, keeping your skin moisturised by creating a gentle barrier preventing the skin from drying quickly.
• It is full of nutrients. Vitamin A, selenium, fatty acids and probiotics.
• It is the same PH level as human skin. This means that it won’t create an imbalance of the natural state of your skin in the ways some mass-manufactured products do.

With all these wonderful benefits in mind, goat’s milk makes for a wonderful ingredient in natural soap, and that is why I have made Gloriously G-Oaty and Sheamlessly Sensitive.

The skin-kind benefits of oats is renowned; saponins assist in cleansing, they assist with exfoliation, they contain anti-inflammatory properties, and they also soothe itching and irritation.

Shea butter is a well-known ingredient in skincare and is full of wonderful properties. It is full of natural fats which act as an emollient on dry skin as well as providing moisture, it contains vitamins A, E and F promoting skin health, it contains phenolic compounds which are known for their antioxidant abilities, and it has anti-aging effects caused by its ability to boost collagen production.

Combining these proven ingredients with goat’s milk boosts the properties of the soap making for a wonderfully gentle and caring product to use on your dry and sensitive skin.

Note: It’s always best to speak to your doctor before trying anything new on your sensitive and eczema-prone skin, especially if you are prone to allergies of any type.

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