Reflections on the Kent Wellness Festival ’22

The Kent Wellness Festival 2022 finished on a high last weekend.  Anika and the team from White Sky Events put on an excellent show this year.  They were very well organised, efficient and incredibly helpful.  The event wouldn’t have been so successful without their hard work.

There was a plethora of exhibitors covering all things related to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  It was a pleasure to see so many different types of people interested in the field of wellbeing like myself.  I learned about different therapies I’ve not heard of before, spoke to some fantastic and very knowledgeable individuals in their field.  It was such a treat to be there as a reader.

I have spent the week reflecting on my personal experience from the weekend and find myself settling on two main areas.

The first is that it is always a great experience to meet with the other readers.  It was lovely to see familiar faces from last year, and new faces.  Meeting other readers, listening to their methods, their belief systems and their experiences is a priceless opportunity for me to learn.

I recognise that I am on my own spiritual trek, trundling down the long road of understanding.  I see The Fool in myself, making my way through the Major Arcana on my way to enlightenment.  My experience from the weekend was very much a meeting of Magicians, Empresses, High Priestess’ and Hierophants, each imparting their wisdom to help me grow.    This, without doubt, was a highlight of the weekend for me.

The second area of reflection I keep going back to is that I am humbled to be a part of the process in empowering my clients to take control of their situations. 

Our lives are full of situations and events that create difficulty and instability.  Many people are seeking guidance, reassurance and a way to take back control over situations where they feel that they have none.  In working with these individuals to find ways to bring order back to the chaos, I see how they become empowered to take positive action.  It really is a humbling experience, and one I am grateful to be part of.  

Overall, I love events like this.  The opportunity to learn new information, understand other perspectives and meeting new people is something I find invigorating. 

As I move in to my Hermit phase I now have many points to work on for my own development, areas to focus on and new applications for my skills and abilities that I didn’t have before the weekend. 

In addition, I also want to say to everyone I met that weekend:  I wish you all the best as you move forward and hope you find the successful outcomes you desire.

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