How can I Help You with Tarot?

Life often presents us with more questions than answers, leaving us stressed and wondering what choice we should make to move forward.

With a personalised tarot reading I will be able to help you navigate these situations; be that in relationships, your career, your self-development, your spiritual development, or your finances.

In exploring those questions, together with the guidance of tarot, you will feel empowered to take the action needed to achieve your desired outcome.

All tarot readings are private and confidential.  Your information will not be shared with any third party.  Should you wish to have someone present with you during your reading, such as a friend or family member, I am comfortable with this, so long as it is your wish.

I adhere to a code of ethics, which means that there may be times I will have to regretfully decline to provide you with a tarot reading.   Whilst Tarot is a tool for guidance, information, and advice, it is never a replacement for proper professional counsel in certain circumstances. 

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a form of divination called Cartomancy, (that is the looking into the future to see what is coming using the cards). 

In a traditional tarot deck, there are 78 cards which are split in to two categories, The Major Arcana, and the Minor Arcana. 

The Major Arcana depicts major life lessons and events that we will all encounter.  They are significant cards whose message has great importance.  An excellent way to learn about the Majors is to understand The Fool’s Journey as he travels through the Majors on his journey to enlightenment.  

The Minor Arcana cards represent the everyday life lessons and events that we will experience as a matter of routine.  These cards also include The Court Cards, representative of specific personalities and situations. 

When we undertake a tarot reading the combination of the cards will reveal the answer or message that is being sought, thus giving us the guidance, we are looking for.

Tarot is inextricably linked to astrology, the elements and to numerology.  These factors, along with the traditional meanings of the cards, will help the reader to fully interpret the message for the querent. 

I believe tarot can help to guide us through situations that we experience. Our futures are not set in stone. We all have freewill, which allows us to change our future with every decision and action we take. This means we are active drivers in our life rather than passengers.  Using tarot to guide us we can make our decisions based on the information to hand, giving us the best opportunity to achieve success with our goals.

Do You Want to Learn to Read Tarot?

Learning to read Tarot for yourself can open many doors.  You have the key in your hand for your own personal development, spiritual development, and guidance whenever you need it.  

Visit our Tarot Resources page to start your journey to understanding tarot.  Alternatively I can provide you with Tarot Tuition for personalised teaching, or you may wish to hop over to Amazon and purchase An Introduction to Tarot, a short but comprehensive guide on Tarot, it’s connection to the elements, astrology and numerology.  

Tarot is a journey we will always be traveling, there is always more to learn, more to understand, this forms part of the beauty of tarot. 

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