What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a system whereby massage and acupressure are used on the feet to alleviate energy blockages within our meridians. The system was developed in China thousands of years ago and continues to be an effective complimentary therapy today.

The method revolves around the theory of Qi, (also known as Chi, or vital energy source), and how our Qi moves around our body. 

Any imbalance or blockage to our flow of Qi results in a form of discomfort.  Therefore by using reflexology to assist in restoring normal flow of Qi we can expect to help assist in our body’s healing process.

It involves massaging the feet and applying pressure at certain points in order to stimulate healing, promote relaxation and to clear energy blockages within our Meridians.  

  Think of your Meridians as the pathways that our energy uses to move around the body. If any of our pathways are blocked this can result in discomfort.  By removing these blockages, in the same way as with Reiki, we can expect to assist in your healing and recovery.

How Can Reflexology Help Me?

By using reflexology to help restore the natural flow of our Qi we can boost our body’s natural healing mechanism.  

This can result in less physical pain, the boosting of our immune systems, increase our ability to release stress and anxiety as well as work alongside prescribed medication to assist in treating various illnesses. 

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