IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before you use any essential oils please read the instructions provided.  It is also very important to note that some essential oils are toxic to pets, such as tea tree and eucalyptus oil.  Please bear this in mind if you choose to use essential oils in your aromatherapy practice.

Aromatherapy for emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing has been in use for thousands of years.

There are various ways to use essential oils for aromatherapy, the most common applications are as scent in candles, room sprays, massage oils and hygiene products.

Using a blend of two or more essential oils can help to provide even more benefit, for example someone may use a blend of lavender, sandalwood and chamomile for a soothing and relaxing scent in an oil burner.  You may wish to use peppermint and eucalyptus in a burner or diffuser for relief from congestion or tea tree and rose hip for skin inflammation.

The wide variety of uses for essential oils makes them wonderful tools to use as a part of our wellbeing routines.  

A few oils can be applied directly to the skin, but most need to be diluted with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil or coconut oil as it can be too harsh for direct application.  

I personally use essential oils and aromatherapy in many areas of my life.  I often use blends in a diffuser or burner to cleanse my home, for use in meditation, for use in relaxation and also for some of my household cleaning products!  I even use lavender oil in my handmade soap as its antibacterial and antifungal properties, along with its ability to aid in relaxation, are perfect for use in soaps.



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