Welcome to Capricorn Spiritual Wellbeing Centre.

Providing tarot readings for love, career, finance, guidance, self-development and more, I can help to empower you to take action whatever your situation.

Providing reiki healing and reflexology to assist you in clearing negative energies and energy blockages which could be contributing to your physical, mental and emotional discomfort.

CSWC Latest News

Tarot Readings, Reiki and Reflexology Sessions in Your Own Home!

From August 14th I will be offering Tarot Readings, Reiki Healing and Reflexology sessions from the comfort of your own home, if you are based within the postcodes ME1 – ME14. 

Why such a specific date?  Well, it is simply because I will be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by this point, providing both of us with additional peace of mind.

A Place to Learn

I am always keen to help people to learn about Tarot and Reiki.  

At Capricorn Spiritual Wellbeing Centre you can find out what both practices are and how they can help you in your daily lives .

The Tarot Resources section is now live for those wishing to learn how to read tarot for themselves.

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